Is the Health and Safety of You and Your Loved Ones Important to You?

Do You Regularly Keep Windows Open?

Do You Cook on a Gas Stove?

Do You or Someone in your Home Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

Has Your Home Had Mildew or Mold Before?

Do you notice musty smells, water stains on walls/ceilings, or regular condensation on your home's windows?

Look Closely. Do You Notice "Dust Bunnies" or floating dust in your home?

How many of your Cleaning Supplies are "Natural/Fragrance Free"?

Have you had Leaky Pipes or Water Damage in Your Home Before?

Home Quiz
Your Indoor Air Quality: DANGEROUS
Your indoor air quality likely contains dangerous levels of harmful particles.
Your Indoor Air Quality: FAIR
Your Indoor Air Quality is Fair. Over a long period of time, negative health effects could occur.
Your Indoor Air Quality: GOOD
Your Indoor Air Quality is Good. You and your loved ones at home are likely safe from harmful particles and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

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