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"This Ray Air Unit is Amazing! First and Foremost, this thing is super quiet! I had to double check to make sure it was working. I installed this unit in my bedroom, the air quality in my new house isn’t the greatest and I seem to always wake up with a stuffed up nose! Since installing the Ray Air, I have noticed a night and day difference. I don’t sneeze as much and I wake up without sinus issues. Secondly, I use heated floors to heat my bedroom and before installing Ray Air, the air 3’ above the ground would feel cold, since installing the entire room feels better… No more cold spots. "

Josh Kurtz

Orion Energy Systems, Inc.

"Our Ray-Air unit rocks. Where do I start? First, it was a breeze to install. I did it myself in less than 15 minutes. Second, I can’t believe how quiet it is. My HVAC is louder than this unit! Third, the office temperature is much more comfortable. There are 3 offices that share one thermostat, and we always fight about the temp. This office has always been too cold, but now it is the same temp as the other offices. Lastly, I am not as stuffy as I usually am this time of year at the office. The only downside is that I already have requests for three more Ray-Air units!"

Phil Dolci

The Stow Company

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With optional image printing services, you can customize Ray-Air to match the look and feel of your office or home!