What is


Concentrations of air pollutants, bacteria, and viruses could be 2-5x higher inside your house than outdoors. And before you ask, yes, that includes COVID-19. Ray-Air™ by Go Fan Yourself is on a mission to remedy this. Our revolutionary technology keeps the air moving in your home/office reducing the number of viruses landing on all your surfaces.  By keeping these viruses airborne they will die up to 95% faster than when landing on surfaces where they can breed and spread for days.


Ray-Air™ uses patented air movement technology to significantly increase Air Turnovers per Hour (ATPH).


Ray-Air™ reduces airborne pollutants, odors, and mildew – what’s not to love!

Saves $

Ray-Air™ increases the efficiency of your HVAC system allowing you to heat and cool while reducing your carbon footprint.


Ray-Air™ balances the temperature in your room making you more comfortable.

How Our Technology Works

Help the Planet with Ray-Air™

Worried about our planet? So is Go Fan Yourself. That’s why we engineered Ray-Air™ to use less power than one LED can light! Improving the air you breathe has never been easier or made more sense than it does with Ray-Air™. When you feel better you perform better at home, at work, and at play. Don’t spend another minute feeling less healthy than you could be.



With optional image printing services, you can customize Ray-Air to match the look and feel of your office or home!