More Comfort, Less Cleaning!

The Home-Fitting Ray-Air will balance the temperature in every room in your home.  Why clean and reverse ceiling fans?  Ray-Airis maintenance free, painted with antimicrobial powder coat paint and features an antimicrobial PVC tile.  The balanced temperature created by Ray-Airwill reduce the load on your HVAC system saving you money.  Your rooms have never been as comfortable and you’ll never be more at ease in your home than with Ray-Air.  Enjoy greater comfort and effortless savings!  Plus, the non-disruptive air movement created by Ray-Air™ reduces humidity and condensation making the air in your home healthier and easier to breathe.

Improve Air Quality

Studies have shown the concentrations of air pollutants are often 2-5 times higher indoors than outside. Not only that, but unwanted moisture can quickly cause mildew and mold to form in your home. Ray-Air’s patented technology protects you from these dangers, without filters that can break and need constant replacement. A healthier home with Ray-Air™ is only a few clicks away.


Save on HVAC

Even the best heating and cooling systems create hot and cool pockets throughout the rooms of your home.  These systems can’t turn the air over fast enough to prevent this.  The patented non-disruptive air movement of Ray-Air™ supercharges the performance of your heating and cooling system allowing you to heat or cool your home more efficiently.  You save big on utility bills while making every room in your home more comfortable!



Healthier air for your home is only a few clicks away! And with optional image printing services, you can customize Ray-Air to match the look and feel of your home.