Ray-Air Vital Vio©

Office Comfort Has Never Been Easier

Never Think About Comfort Again

A happy office is a productive office. Ray-Air was created to counter the all-too-common problem faced by businesses nationwide – stale, uncomfortable air.

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It’s Simple – Ray-Air Makes People Happy!

We all know the struggle of keeping employees motivated and productive. Studies have shown that when employees are satisfied with the comfort of their work environment, they are:

  • More Productive
  • Happier and Healthier
  • Less Easily Fatigued
  • More Creative

What Will Ray-Air Do For Your Space?


Ray-Air’s revolutionary circulation technology keeps your office cool, comfortable, and fresh at all times.


UV Purification by Vital-Vio© bulbs kills 99% of bacteria and germs floating in your air.


Businesses that use Ray-Air see on average a 30%* reduction in HVAC utility costs.

Don’t Believe Us? Hear From Customers…

"If your tenants are comfortable, they aren't going to call you. Ray-Air is a no-brainer for my commercial office building."

Joe Smith

Commercial Real Estate