Indoor Air Quality: Is Your Home Killing You?

Let’s face it – you’ve probably never questioned the air you’re breathing. But what if your air could be harming you more than you think? Studies have shown that over 50% of American homes have air quality that may be putting them into danger.


Do You or Someone in your Home Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

How many of your Cleaning Supplies are "Natural/Fragrance Free"?

Do you notice musty smells, water stains on walls/ceilings, or regular condensation on your home's windows?

Look Closely. Do You Notice "Dust Bunnies" or floating dust in your home?

Do You Cook on a Gas Stove?

Do You Regularly Keep Windows Open?

Has Your Home Had Mildew or Mold Before?

Is the Health and Safety of You and Your Loved Ones Important to You?

Have you had Leaky Pipes or Water Damage in Your Home Before?

Home Quiz
Your Indoor Air Quality: DANGEROUS
Your indoor air quality likely contains dangerous levels of harmful particles.
Your Indoor Air Quality: FAIR
Your Indoor Air Quality is Fair. Over a long period of time, negative health effects could occur.
Your Indoor Air Quality: GOOD
Your Indoor Air Quality is Good. You and your loved ones at home are likely safe from harmful particles and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

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